The foot-and-mouth disease epidemic is taking its toll on the royals, with only one foot remaining in the shoe palace, but a few things have survived.

Key points:A tour of The Queen’s shoe collection takes in The Crown and other royal possessionsThe foot and mouth disease epidemic in the UK has led to some major changes to the palace’s architectureA new royal guesthouse has opened in the palaceThe shoes were once kept in a closet in the gardens of the gardensThe shoes are being restoredThe palace was built by the Queen as a refuge for her royal family to get away from London and her husband Prince Philip.

She has since used it as a guesthouse and her private quarters in Kensington Palace, the Queen’s residence in the capital, where she lives.

But her shoes are now being restored and she has her own private guesthouse.

The shoe collection includes the shoes of Prince Charles, Princess Diana and her brother Prince William, and some of the shoes worn by members of the Royal Family.

While the collection has been on the books for more than a century, this is the first time it has been visited and there is even a tour of some of them.

In a series of photos taken during a tour, the royal guests are shown walking around the shoe collection, looking for a shoe to buy.

“I think the shoes have been quite a good investment, it’s just a shame that they don’t really have anywhere to put them, and I know that’s a challenge,” said Kate MacLeod, a retired nurse and friend of the Queen.

“The foot- and mouth [disease] epidemic has led us to some really big changes to some of our royal palaces, but in the shoes the only place to put the shoes is in the private quarters.”

The shoes of Princess Diana are on display in a private room inside the shoehouse, while the shoes in the Queen and her children’s private quarters are on exhibit in the garden of the garden.

“We’ve got the shoes from Diana’s private room, where they are kept, and also from Prince Philip’s private bedroom, where we’ve got a lot of them,” Ms MacLeod said.

The Queen’s private rooms are on the grounds of Kensington palace, which is the Queen ‘s residence and is currently under construction.

“So the shoes we’re going to be looking at now are the royal quarters, the private rooms, but there are also the Queen dressing rooms, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathrooms, so there’s quite a lot in there,” she said.

“You can get quite a few different things out of those.”

The Queen also has her collection of shoes on display at the gardens in Kenssey Palace.

The shoes include shoes worn in the 1970s by Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Charles and Prince William.

“They’re pretty good quality shoes and they’re quite good value for money,” Ms Wood said.

While she had previously visited the shoes, Ms MacDonnell said it was the first visit that she had done with her own eyes.

“For some reason I don’t know why, I was thinking about my daughter when I was at school and I remembered that I had this great collection of shoe shoes that I liked so I decided to go and have a look,” she told News.

Comedy duo Peter Tosh and Garry Marshall, who perform on the show, will also be on hand.

“There’s a bit of an emphasis on the royal palace, and that’s probably the only one that’s got shoes,” Ms Woods said.

She said the shoes were “an investment in time, because they were quite good quality”, adding that she would be looking to buy a new pair when she was in London for a visit.

“It’s going to take a while, it might take a year or two, but hopefully we’ll be back in time for some of these next big events,” she added.