A group of Bruneians are making a bid to save up to $3 million on a three-night stay at a luxury hotel at the royal palace.

The group, which includes former Prime Minister and presidential candidate Joko Widodo and his wife, is trying to raise $3.3 million for a hotel and private car.

The Brunei Times reports that the group, called the Brunei Tourism Industry Development Foundation, wants to raise money for a new luxury hotel and new private cars.

The money would be used to purchase new cars and new suites, as well as buy a new private car and two new suites.

The royal palace is also the only place in Brunei where private cars are allowed.

The fund is seeking to raise about $300,000 for the new luxury suite.

It is the second time the group has raised money in an effort to save money.

Last year, they raised $500,000 to help build a new casino at the Royal City, which was to be built next to the palace.