SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The new “Cliff” movie, which stars the “Wall Street” star as a young New York banker who is sucked into the life of a billionaire and his mysterious, supernatural daughter, is due to open in cinemas on April 20.

It is the first movie by New Line Cinema to open nationwide in the United States since its reboot of the original 1979 cult classic “Wall St.”

The film has grossed more than $1 billion in the U.S. and Canada and is due in many markets on April 26.

Slideshow (3 Images)The movie stars the Wall Street star as Josh Brolin, who works as a banker for billionaire investor David Rubenstein, who wants to buy the Chicago Cubs franchise.

He hires a young female prostitute named Elizabeth (Samantha Morton) to help him get through the financial crisis.

Elizabeth and her family are not as easygoing as her father, a successful hedge fund manager.

She becomes increasingly concerned when her mother is ill and spends most of her time alone in her apartment with her lover, who is played by Jeffrey Hunter, a Broadway actor.

She is haunted by a strange vision and the visions of her father’s past.

Elizabeth is also haunted by memories of her past, as her mother, played by Jane Fonda, was a model.

The movie opens on the banks and finance industry, where a financial crisis threatens to undermine confidence and the whole financial system.

The Wall Street franchise was rebooted with a new title in 2009 and its sequel in 2013.

It will be released on a broad range of screens, including those in cinemascope, DVD and streaming video.