The world’s first domed ice dome has been built on the grounds of the palace of Westminster in Japan.

The dome, which is more than six times the size of the pyramids of Giza, was erected to help the city’s residents cope with the ice storms that have ravaged the area.

It is the second domed dome to be constructed in Japan, after the first in Kyoto, which was erected in 2006.

The dome is currently undergoing a series of tests and will open in the coming weeks, to be followed by construction on the structure itself.

The building is the result of a partnership between the city and the Japanese government.

The palace, which has hosted several international dignitaries, is also home to the Palace of Justice, a museum of historical documents.

It’s the world first domes of ice, and the first dome in the country to be completed entirely on the site.

The building has been designed to last for 500 years, and was designed by Kiyoshi Sugiyama, who also worked on the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Dome of Westmoreland was built on 2.8 acres (1.3 hectares) of land that the city had leased from the state.

The land was purchased in 2013 and the dome is expected to be ready for construction in September.

The city is planning to demolish the palace when the dome’s completion is announced, and plans to construct a park on the land, which will include a large aquarium and a large shopping center, according to a statement from the city.

The palace has been open to the public since June 20, when the city closed the gates to allow for the dome to take shape.

The city has also built several temporary pavilions on the palace grounds.

The pavilion is expected open by July.

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