Van Gaal said on Monday that the logo for the Manchester United Football Club, which was unveiled last month, was a “very good opportunity”.

The Dutchman said that the club would have “no problems” with the logo, which has been branded as a “puppet” by fans and media in the past.

However, he did not want the club to be seen as “a joke” in the eyes of his supporters, after they voted by 55 per cent in favour of the logo.

Van Gaal said that he was “happy” to see the club’s brand as the one most people are “willing to buy”.

“It is a very good opportunity for the club, I have to say.

We have an opportunity to do it, but I don’t want to be a joke,” he said.

Van Persie, who has made it clear that he will not sign a new deal with United, said on Tuesday that he is open to returning to Old Trafford, but that the time for the “real deal” is now.

“I think it is important for us to talk about this.

I don�t think it’s a problem if we talk, but we have to think about it.

We can’t let this happen,” he told Sky Sports.”

It’s not that I don”t want to go to United.

I want to stay here, I want a good contract, but there are some important things to do first.

I think we should talk about it now, to have the chance to talk.”