The monarch of China is expected to step down this year after the death of his son, but for many of his supporters the question of who will succeed him remains unresolved.

Here’s a guide to the new year, and what’s on the cards.1.

The Queen’s bodyguard will return to Hong Kong after three months The new year is traditionally a time for mourning, with many locals marking the passing of the royal family with an open casket and the first few weeks of the new calendar as a way of marking the milestone.

But while that tradition may have an influence on the new reign, it also means that the royal bodyguard won’t be returning to Hongkong anytime soon.

“I think it will be a few months.

We will be leaving the Hong Kong side,” a spokesman for the Hongkang government told ABC News.2.

It’s a new year in the US, with a new PresidentThere are no direct parallels between the new Queen’s year and the new US president’s year in office.

Both take place in the new American year, which will be the first time in history that a new US President has held the office.

The only real difference between the two is the fact that the new president will be an individual rather than a government figure.

But both are in many ways very similar in terms of their objectives.

Trump’s inauguration on January 20 has seen a number of controversial decisions made in the White House, but the Queen’s new year will see her first major move as head of state, after which her life will be governed by her father’s reign.3.

The US has a new president and a new QueenThis is no ordinary new year.

There’s no direct correlation between the current US President’s inauguration and the Queen being inaugurated in January, and there are no specific events taking place between January and the start of the year, but a number are expected to take place between December 20 and January 20.

These include the inauguration of the next US president, the inauguration or resignation of the outgoing president, and the removal of the current president.

The first such move was made by Barack Obama in 2009, and he followed that up by resigning on December 20, 2016.4.

The world has a brand new President, a brand-new QueenThe new year of 2017 is also a year of significant change in the world, with the end of the Cold War marking the end, and an economic recession that has been the world’s worst in years.

The new president has made no attempt to rule in isolation, and his inauguration was a major political event for the whole world.

In the UK, for example, there is an unofficial celebration of the Queen on January 7, and she will be celebrating with her son, Prince William, on January 8.5.

The next President is not just a new face The new President has no official title, but is rather a brand of new face, the new President is a new person to the world.

The most obvious difference between this new president, Donald Trump, and previous American presidents is that they are all individuals rather than the leaders of the state.

This new President will be taking office in a world that will no longer have the two most powerful political figures in the country, the president and the queen.6.

The 2018 New Year’s Eve fireworks will be held in the city of Hong KongThe fireworks in Hong Kong will not be as large as the ones in New York, but they will be as spectacular.

They will be bigger than anything seen in the United States, but will still be within the realm of imagination.

They are due to take part in the New Year celebrations in the former British colony of Hongkou, in a city that was the site of a brief British colonial rebellion in the 19th century.

This means the fireworks will not only be seen from a distance, but also from a height, as well as a height of several metres, in some cases.7.

The 2020 New Year will see the birth of a new Prime MinisterA new Prime Minster will be appointed by the new British government.

He will then hold a series of cabinet appointments, including the formation of the defence and foreign policy teams.

In addition, he will appoint the Queen as the new head of government.

The Prime Minister will be sworn in at the Admiralty Palace on December 25.8.

The Hong Kong government will introduce new lawsThe government of the newly-independent territory of HongKong will introduce laws that will change the way people travel, work, shop and shop in the territory.

Some will be very small, such as introducing a one-off charge for a meal or two, or even making it compulsory for everyone to buy their groceries from the territory’s market.

But others will be big, such a new law that will allow for the sale of cosmetics and