A new survey reveals that there are some people who prefer to wear sunglasses over glasses for their eyes.

The survey, conducted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund and published in the April issue of the journal Public Perception, found that 47 percent of Americans are in favor of wearing sunglasses in public and 46 percent said they don’t want to wear them.

But that’s only when it comes to the issue of wearing glasses.

The poll also found that 58 percent of those surveyed said that they would rather use a smartphone than wear a pair of glasses.

And 52 percent of people surveyed said they have trouble reading messages while wearing glasses, and just 22 percent said glasses make reading difficult.

The researchers asked respondents whether they wear glasses because they feel they are better for reading and listening, and whether they would prefer to have them over a pair.

The most common responses were either they would want glasses or they would use them, with 45 percent saying they prefer glasses while 30 percent said neither.

The majority of respondents said they were unsure how they would feel wearing glasses while driving, with 51 percent saying it was acceptable while just 13 percent said it was not.

A majority of those polled also said they would never wear glasses while walking, but another 42 percent said wearing them while driving would not be a problem.

The research was conducted in March and April, with 1,001 people surveyed across the country.

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