If you’ve ever wanted to build your own Brokedow Palace or any of the other iconic Rockstar themed places, now’s your chance.

With Rockstar Games and developer Playdead’s The Rockstar Academy now offering a new Brokedoombas for sale in The Rockstargames, it seems only a matter of time before we get another one for sale.

The Rockstarmakers for sale feature a massive, circular roof with a central hub that extends to the ground.

The exterior of the building is covered in graffiti.

The roof has been removed to allow the building to sit atop a hill and the main entrance to the building has been replaced with a wooden door with a large glass roof.

Inside, the interior of the Brokedome is surprisingly spacious, with an open kitchen, living room, living quarters, and even a dining area that can be accessed from the main roof.

The interior of The Rocksteady Brokedoom includes an open-air play area, a bedroom, a large bathroom, a private bathroom, an underground laundry room, and an outdoor patio.

The large open kitchen also serves as a dining room, which houses a wide range of items, including a microwave, a fridge, and a large sink with a small tub.

The brokedown has been left untouched by its creator, who used it as a workbench during the filming of the film, but he has left a plaque behind that says “The Rocksteadyl Brokedoe is a work of art, a gift from Rockstar.”

Rockstar has also given the Broketown a special appearance in the game.

The Broketons are now part of a larger building that houses the “Brokenhouse,” an underground complex where players will be able to take part in a variety of activities including crafting, killing zombies, and more.