As the palace, known as the Cancun Palace, was once known, it is now the most expensive in the world.

But how to navigate it and what to expect on your journey?

The palace has been refurbished and reopened in recent years.

The palace itself has also been renovated.

Here are some of the highlights of the renovated palace: The main hall of the palace was rebuilt from scratch.

The new hall is the main hall and can be accessed from either the main or the garden entrance.

It has been renovated from the ground up and is made of high-quality materials and is now more open.

It has a new marble countertop, a new ceiling and new tiles on the floor.

You will be able to enter the main floor by the courtyard of the Westminster palace.

There are two more courtyards in the palace.

You can enter the courtyard by the west wall and the garden entry.

The gardens are also now connected with the main courtyard.

This was the main entry to the palace when it was open to the public.

It is now closed.

After a visit to the main entrance of the west wing, the new courtyard will give you a good view of the main palace.

The main entrance is open for visitors to enter, and it will give them a better view of what is going on inside the palace and the gardens.

To enter the garden, there are three doors.

One leads to the gardens and another leads to a garden shed where you can collect flowers and other garden products.

On the ground floor of the gardens are various gardens, including a small pond with a swimming pool and a garden pond.

One of the most important areas of the renovation is the area behind the west and north gates.

It was previously used as a storage area.

It will now be used as an entrance for the palace staff.

There is a new reception area where guests can pay their respects to the family of the late King Willem-Alexander.

Another of the many upgrades was to the north gate, which will now have a new sign that displays information on the palace as well as information about its surroundings.

The entrance is now open to guests.

Visitors can now access the main area of the building by going to the courtyard.

The new gates will be closed in July 2019.

If you wish to go inside the new west wing of the Palais de Justice, the entrance to the east wing will be opened in May 2020.

You will need to show a passport or other document for entry.

As for the garden itself, it will now include a new garden shed and will be open for the public to use.

The shed will be used to store all sorts of items, such as fruit, flowers and vegetables.

It can also be used for cleaning the palace gardens. 

Here is a video of some of what to look for in the garden.

What to do in the Palaces Garden The gardens will now also be open to visitors.

You’ll need a passport to enter.

A new gate will open at 6:00pm on Friday August 15 and 5:00am on Sunday August 19.