The $824-million home of Prince William and Kate Middleton in Buckingham Palace is a jewel in the crown of the royal family, but it is only one of the most expensive residences in the world.

The other nine properties in the royal house have an estimated value of $1.5 billion or more.

The Queen’s palace in central London, the palace suite in Versailles in France, the Buckingham Palace in England and the Windsor Castle in Scotland all are in the top 10 most expensive homes in the globe, according to Forbes magazine.

The list includes a castle in the Swiss Alps, a luxury apartment in the Chinese city of Chongqing, the country’s only ski resort, the royal home in the United States and the mansion in Dubai.

The property at Buckingham Palace, home to the Royal Family and the Queen, is owned by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Prince William.

The Queen and Prince Philip are both residents of the estate.

In 2017, Forbes listed the top 20 most expensive properties in North America.

That list includes luxury mansions in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York, London and Dubai.

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel and his wife, PayPal co-founder Sheryl Sandberg, purchased the $834 million palace in 2005 and the £738 million castle in 2009, Forbes reported.

The house is valued at more than $100 million and has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and three bathrooms, the magazine reported.

It is not the only luxury property in the Royal family’s home, Forbes said.

The royal family’s luxury homes are owned by billionaire investor Peter Diamandis, who owns luxury homes in Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York.

The Diamands have five properties in Manhattan that are worth more than the palace and the rest are in Miami, the Wall Street Journal reported.

They have three properties in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and two in Beverly Park, Texas.

The palace in London, known for its crystal chandeliers and art deco architecture, is one of Diamanis’ six properties.

The palace, in the heart of the British capital, has been the property of the Prince of Wales since 1936, according the royal household.

The prince and Duchess have lived in the Buckingham palace since 1952.

The current queen is the first to be married to a British monarch since Prince Charles married Anne Boleyn in 1953.

The Buckingham Palace was built in the 1950s by architect Sir Edward Heath and designed by Sir Frederick Wiseman.

The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, live in a $719 million residence at Kensington Palace, which is home to Britain’s royal family and the Duke, Duchess of Cambridge.