The Atlantic Palades pet palace and the two other luxury residences in the luxury hotel chain are not real. 

A tourist agency in New Jersey contacted The Times on Monday to say that it had found a “vacant spot” in the Pet Palace and the Atlantic Palaces, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that was purchased on November 19, 2019, by a company named Shabazz Palaces.

The Toursa Hotel and Casino in Atlantic County, New York, also is not real, according to the company. 

The company was founded by the husband of Shabazz’s wife, Shachelle. 

Shaqazz Palms sister and a woman who was the manager of the pet palace at the New York City Palaces told The Times that the company is not a real company and that the company is an agent of a real estate firm in New Mexico. 

“The Pet Palace is owned by the Shabaz family, not by Shachelle, who is the mother of the Shacles,” the sister told The New York Times.

The real estate agent who contacted The New Jersey Times said she had received several phone calls from the Shackles in which they accused the family of selling their properties to the Shabs for $200 million.

“Shabaz, as you know, is not an ex-employee,” the source said.

“He is a full-time business owner, the sole employee of the company.” 

The source added that the family has been in the United States for decades and they have never been involved with a realtors company. 

When asked if the family owned Shayzas properties, a spokesperson for Shachar Shalom, the company that owns the Pet Palace, said they do not own properties and shares the profits with the company they rent out. 

They said the company did not pay for the purchase of the Pet Palaces or the Atlantic Palases, which are both owned by Shabbaz Palms.

The source said the Shabbas have been in the United States for 20 years and have no ties to any real estate agency. 

 Shahed Shachar, who was a former president of the United Arab Emirates, was one of the wealthiest people in the world and he owns a stake in Shad Corp., which is the largest real estate investment company in the UAE. 

He own Shalom Properties, which is owned by Shahid Shatner, the former star of the popular Star Trek franchise. 

According to a 2011 exhibit from the US Department of Justice, Shariah Law Group is one of the largest private law firms in the Middle East. 

In 2010, Shariah Law was found guilty of corrupting the U.S. financial system by misrepresenting payments to the Saudi Arabian government. 

It was fined $3.5 billion by the Federal Bureau of Justice in 2015.