Rich people with super-rich wives are spending more time together than ever before

By MATT TAIBBIAN and ALEXANDER DUNCANSTEIN | 11/14/17 12:01:58 A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that wealthy people who live in large metropolitan areas spend a lot more time with their wealthy spouses than people who don’t.The study found that those who have a higher wealth than average spend an average of […]

Prince Andrew has been killed in the US military strike on Syria

Royalty in the Royal family of Australia has reportedly been killed when US forces carried out an airstrike on the home of Prince Andrew, who was the highest-ranking Australian to be killed in a military strike in Syria.The Guardian has reported that a US Navy destroyer, the USS Ross, was hit on Thursday evening.A US […]

Why it’s time to take back Pooch Palace

By LINDSEY DUGAN / Associated PressA pair of new laws passed by California’s Legislature on Thursday are likely to spark a national outcry that could lead to a nationwide crackdown.Under SB 872, the Legislature passed a bill that requires police to notify citizens who are suspected of violating a local ordinance before detaining them.That’s the […]

When Disney and Universal merge: A quick primer

A lot of the same questions have been asked about Disney’s new venture with Universal Studios.We’ve seen this before, when Disney bought out Marvel Studios and Universal was looking to make a profit.But in the years since, we’ve seen many other companies like Paramount and Warner Bros. merge, and many more studios enter the fray.Now, […]

How to get to the Gorkha Palace and the Pink Palace museum

When the news of Putin’s ouster from the Kremlin broke in January, it took everyone by surprise.It was a shock to millions of Russians who had never heard of the Russian president.For a while, it looked as though the Kremlin would be able to get away with it.The country’s political leaders had already been discussing […]

What is a palace playground?

A playground is a space that you can play in with other players.It’s usually used for competitive gaming or for solo play.Palace playgrounds are not like other playgrounds, which you can go to for socializing and gathering.They are more like a casino, where the goal is to get the most money.You’ll get more points than […]

Why you should eat at the Palace of the Sun

If you’re going to eat at a place like a palace cafe, you should be prepared to eat in front of a large screen.In this case, the Palace Cafe in Tabora, China, is a palace of sorts with a bar and seating areas that are separated from the main dining area.If you want to take […]

How to wear the royal royal palace rug in the UK

Brown palace tea is traditionally a luxury item, but a Royal Mint limited edition Royal Palace Tea Mug with the Royal Blue and Red roses was just released.The mug features the Royal blue and red roses and the Royal Mint logo.Mint is an official Royal Mint product, so the mug features a design which has […]

Hong Kong has a chicken palace for everyone

Hong Kong’s Chicken Palace has become a global destination for expats, with the city’s top restaurant chain serving up an array of delicious chicken dishes.A trip to the city for dinner, which typically starts at 9:30 p.m., can cost up to HK$5,000.While some popular dishes have a low price tag, the most expensive dish is […]

When you buy Greek Palace Tea, It’s the Perfect Way to Prepare It

Greek Palace is the most famous tea house in Athens, and its teas have become a favorite among tourists, who travel to the city to get a taste of the Greek royal family’s cooking.But the company is also one of the world’s largest tea producers, producing more than $2 billion in annual sales and making […]

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