A royal elite can be a very, very royal family.

But royal families are a different story.

Here’s how a royal family works.

You are a royal, or royal family member.

The family consists of the royal parents, the heir apparent, the crown prince, and the first lady.

When it comes to the succession of the throne, the first ladies are the crown princes.

It is customary for the royal family to be the largest of all of them.

And, of course, the Queen is the monarch of the United Kingdom.

The queen is the mother of the monarch, and has an equal relationship to him or her as his or her mother.

However, in a royal household, it is customary to have at least one child.

The baby is the new monarch of a royal child.

There are many different types of royal families.

One of the oldest royal families is the royal household of Queen Elizabeth.

In that family, the queen is Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II, and her son, Prince Philip.

As the heir to the throne of England and Scotland, the son was not considered to be in line for the throne until his father succeeded to the British throne in 1953.

While the queen and the other members of the Royal Family are all members of this royal household.

Then there are the modern royals, or the royal families that have been created in the 20th century by the United States of America.

Their royal children have become leaders and governors in many countries, including Britain.

For example, Prince Harry, the youngest of the Prince’s children, is currently the Prince of Wales.

The youngest of these royal families was the Royal British Legion.

This family was formed in 1945 when the British Legion, an American military group, was formed to provide relief and support to British forces fighting in World War II.

Since then, the Royal American Legion has grown into a multi-national force that provides support for more than 50 countries.

Prince Harry and his brothers and sisters, George and Catherine, are members of several other Royal American Legions.

Royal American Legion members are often deployed to the Middle East and Africa.

Members of the British Royal Family have also been active in the world of science and technology.

The Royal Family of England are not limited to the United kingdom.

According to the Royal Academy of Sciences, there are several Royal Royal Family members in other countries.

Prince William is the current King of the U.K. and has his wife, Kate, and two children, Prince Andrew and Princess Charlotte.

Prince Charles is the second youngest of William’s children.

His mother, Diana, is the Queen of Wales, the former ruler of the island kingdom of Jersey.

The U.S. government has awarded the Order of the Red Eagle to Prince William for his service to the U,K.

In 2009, the U