A Venezuelan government agency is reportedly running a virtual currency exchange that offers the opportunity for Venezuelans to sell or exchange their government-issued cryptocurrency for dollars.

The Central Bank of Venezuela, known as BNB, said on Monday that it is providing a virtual wallet service for the citizens of the country, which includes a virtual exchange of the bolivar and the U.S. dollar.

The service was launched last month.

Venezuelans can now exchange bolivars for dollars, the Central Bank said, and it can also convert the U of A dollar to bolivares and vice versa.

The new service has a maximum trading limit of 5,000 bolivaris, according to the BNB website.

The currency has been falling in value since its peak in 2015.

It was around $1,200 at the time of the crisis.

The BNB says it plans to add an alternative service to its existing portal in the coming months.BNB has also opened a website where Venezuelans can exchange U.s. dollars for bolivarias and vice-versa.

In addition to bolívar, Venezuelans are also able to convert the Venezuelan dollar to U.$.

dollars, and vice, according the BNW website.

It is not yet clear how Venezuelans would be able to use BNB’s service, or whether they would need to provide their own wallet or bank accounts.