New Delhi: India’s top-selling food magazine is about to hit the streets of India’s capital with an exciting new launch of a new restaurant concept.

In the new, six-course restaurant called The Palace Restaurant, diners can indulge in an array of Indian dishes from Indian favourites to a wide selection of exotic flavours, including curry.

The restaurant will open this month, but is the first in the country to cater to the global appetite for food, with a focus on sourcing locally sourced ingredients, including fresh, local produce.

The Palace is based on a concept that’s already been piloted in the United States, where the restaurant was named the most visited restaurant in the US, with over 300,000 visits a week in 2015.

A spokesman for The Palace said the idea for The Palais was inspired by the Indian experience, which he described as a country where people feel a deep connection with nature.

“The Palace Restaurant is a place where we will invite guests to experience India through its natural beauty, culture and history,” the spokesman said.

“In addition, we want to offer an array the Indian food experience, with traditional dishes and dishes that have been created over many years, with the most delicious and exotic flavours.”

The Palace restaurant is expected to open its doors in mid-December.