Royalty in the Royal family of Australia has reportedly been killed when US forces carried out an airstrike on the home of Prince Andrew, who was the highest-ranking Australian to be killed in a military strike in Syria.

The Guardian has reported that a US Navy destroyer, the USS Ross, was hit on Thursday evening.

A US military spokesperson told the Associated Press news agency that the strike was the result of a “provocation” by the Syrian government.

“The strike occurred in the vicinity of a sovereign airbase that we have identified as a safe haven for Syrian military personnel,” US Pacific Command spokesman Lieutenant General Chris Bogdan said.

The spokesperson said that the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier was “targeted in the area”.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) chief General Michael Phelan told reporters on Thursday that the incident was a “very regrettable incident”.

“We will have to make sure that the Australian public understand that this is a tragic incident,” Mr Phelann said.

“It’s obviously a tragic loss for the family and for the people of Australia.”

Mr Pherson said there were “no further details to provide” on the death of the Prince Andrew.

“At this stage, there’s no further information to provide to the Australian people,” he said.

Mr Phegson said the Royal Australian Air Force was conducting “a number of missions in the region” and would provide a full statement on Friday.