A lot of the same questions have been asked about Disney’s new venture with Universal Studios.

We’ve seen this before, when Disney bought out Marvel Studios and Universal was looking to make a profit.

But in the years since, we’ve seen many other companies like Paramount and Warner Bros. merge, and many more studios enter the fray.

Now, Universal and Disney have joined forces to create a joint venture that will combine all of the most successful Hollywood studios.

It will be called Universal Studios Hollywood and will be the first new studio venture in years.

We’ll start to see a lot of new things happen on the set of the new studio as well, as Universal’s Kevin Feige is reportedly on the project and Disney is looking to add to the lineup of talent.

There are a lot more details to this project, but here’s what you need to know.

What is Universal Studios?

Universal Studios is a brand-new entertainment and theme park with a brand new theme park and theme buildings, and the first ever theme park at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Its opening is set for sometime next year.

It is being developed in partnership with the Walt Disney Company and will cost $4.5 billion, including a portion of its financing.

What are the plans?

The plan is for the park to include a brand, new and classic ride called the “Star Wars” and a new attraction called the Star Tours.

This is where Disney plans to open up its Star Tours attraction, which will be built on a “world famous” Star Tours land.

This park will also be the studio’s home base for its upcoming movies and television shows, which is the first major shakeup in a few years.

In addition, Disney will bring back “Star Tours” characters from the original Star Wars film series to the park.

Disney’s plan is to build the park out to a million people and a $5 billion project will be financed by Disney’s shareholders.

How big will it be?

Universal will own about 30 percent of the park, which could reach 100 million people.

This could mean that it could be a big enough place to build a park in the middle of a city, where there is already a lot going on.

However, it will also mean that Disney will have to find space to keep the park running.

The park is being built on about 1.8 acres in Southern California, which should allow it to expand quickly if the project is successful.

What does this mean for the Disney family?

This will be a major shake-up of the Disney business and a major change in the way it operates.

It means that Disney could be laying off employees at a much higher rate than it currently does.

That could have a lot to do with the fact that Disney has been losing money at the studio.

The company will be investing more in theme parks and other attractions to try to stay competitive, but this could also mean a drastic reduction in its workforce.

There will be fewer rides, rides will be smaller, and rides will have a smaller percentage of tickets that go to the “premium” ticket tiers.

Also, Disney is planning to release new rides every year, which means that its theme park rides could be getting bigger in the future.

Will there be an overhaul in the workforce?

Yes, there will be some changes to the Disney workforce.

Disney has already begun to lay off employees, and Disney has confirmed that it will be taking a $1 billion salary cut this year, meaning that its top executives will be on the chopping block.

The layoffs will take place in several key roles.

Disney will be cutting a lot in the talent department, which includes the director of photography, the production designer, the executive producer of “Star Trek” films, the animation and digital artists, and various other artists.

It also may be cutting its other talent departments, including the writers and directors.

In the animation department, it is also cutting its creative director.

It may also be cutting back on some of the production companies that are used to working with Disney.

In a related move, Disney’s chief creative officer, Dan Henson, will be leaving the company and will start working at Pixar Animation Studios, the studio that produced the “Finding Nemo” movie series and Pixar Animation.

The animation department is also being cut, including from a senior director position to a production designer.

Disney plans on having fewer animation artists.

However there are still some talented artists in the studio, so this is something that will be going on for awhile.

What will the new park look like?

It is expected that Disney Studios Hollywood will be themed around the iconic Star Wars characters, which are based on the original “Star” films.

This includes a new Star Tours theme park, a new land for “StarWars” attractions and other additions.

It has also been rumored that the park will have Star Wars attractions, but the company has not yet confirmed this.

It’s also expected that the parks attractions will be based on movies and