By LINDSEY DUGAN / Associated PressA pair of new laws passed by California’s Legislature on Thursday are likely to spark a national outcry that could lead to a nationwide crackdown.

Under SB 872, the Legislature passed a bill that requires police to notify citizens who are suspected of violating a local ordinance before detaining them.

That’s the first step in what could be a nationwide campaign to end the practice of police using the force of arrest against people who are not resisting arrest.

If the law passes, police would be required to inform citizens of their right to resist arrest and of the rights to a lawyer.

If they fail to do so, police will have to file an arrest report, which can include a police report, court document, citation, or summons.

If police report the arrest to the ACLU, the ACLU can take legal action to prevent the arrest.

Lawmakers also passed a similar law requiring the state’s parole board to investigate allegations of abuse of parolees.

If the board finds that parolees were abused, the board would have to make a report to the Department of Justice and the attorney general.

In the aftermath of a series of high-profile incidents in recent months, many people are demanding that police treat everyone with dignity, respect and respect.

If elected officials want to make California a safer place, they need to protect everyone’s right to protest peacefully, the NAACP said in a statement.