The grand palace of Mitchell Corn Palace in the Australian Capital Territory is Australia’s most expensive home, according to a new book.

Key points:The $2.6 million mansion features a spa, infinity pool, two pools and a swimming poolThe $1.9 million house at the top of the hill has two pools, spa, sauna and swimming poolCrown Estate owns the land where the mansion is located, the ABC reported on ThursdayIt has a spa and infinity pool and a sauna, according a brochure for the property, which also includes a garden, a dining area and a small indoor tennis court.

The brochure says the mansion has a swimming and sauna pool, and a spa with a spa bath and saunas, as well as an infinity pool.

Its the largest of the Mitchell Corn Palaces, and is also the highest point in the Territory, with its two pool and spa features.

Mr Corn Palace, who is the owner of the mansion, did not respond to requests for comment.

The $700,000 mansion is in the Mitchell Coronaville area of Melbourne, which is famous for its Victorian mansion design.

The property was purchased in the late 1980s and is in use as a home by Mr Corn Palace and his wife.

It is the largest home in the area.

It has three bedrooms and three baths.

It also has a large kitchen and a bath.

The mansion has two saunaus, a pool and saucy pool.

It has three pools and spa, which are located at the rear of the house.

The grand palace has a saunter, two pool, saunters and swimming pools, the brochure said.

Mr Smith said it was unusual for a mansion to be listed at such a high price and he thought it was a case of over-hyping the property.

“It’s a good example of a luxury property being listed at a very high price, but then it ends up being one of the most overpriced properties in the world,” he said.

The book also listed a $1 million house in the Melbourne suburb of St Helens as Australia’s cheapest home.

It was not clear why the mansion was listed at $2 million.

The Herald Sun said the property was sold to Crown Estate in 2017 for $2,898,000.

Crown said the $2-million mansion had been in use for over a century and had been renovated over the years.