Jade Palace, in the heart of the Old City of Glasgow, was demolished to build luxury apartment blocks.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by officials from the Scottish Government, the Scottish National Party, the City of Edinburgh and other major Scottish organisations.

The building was the scene of an earlier demolition, in 2009, when it was the backdrop for a debate about the future of Glasgow’s Old City.

According to the Scottish Parliament’s Architectural Heritage Advisory Committee (AHA), the rib palace was built between the 15th and 18th centuries, and was built in honour of the British monarch who ruled the city between 1713 and 1729.

The rib palace complex, which includes a large courtyard and a large library, was originally located on a site known as The Crown Office.

It was used as a private residence and office building during the reign of King James I. The site was then sold to the city of Edinburgh for £4.3 million.

The property was later converted into an apartment block for the Queen’s apartments, which include a gymnasium, sauna and a gym and a swimming pool.

According the AHA, the Rib Palace has been vacant since 2011 and it is now being used for an apartment complex, the new residential apartments.

It was previously known as the Crown Office, and the building was demolished in 2009 to create luxury apartments in the Old Street area.

The ribbon cutting was attended on Thursday by Glasgow City Council’s Director of Planning, Maria Wilson.

The Rib Palace was demolished because it was no longer in the best health, the AHR said.

The buildings were damaged by fire in 2013 and a fire in 2015.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City said: “The Rib building is now part of the City’s development strategy.

This includes a redevelopment of the old Crown Office site and redevelopment of nearby Old Street.

This project will have a significant impact on the Old Quarter and is a very significant opportunity for the Old Town to take advantage of the new developments.

The City will continue to work closely with the Rib family to make the redevelopment happen as soon as possible.”

The Rib development will have an important impact on Old Street, the main commercial street, and also the area around it.

“This project is part of our City strategy to create new economic opportunities and provide a sustainable community.

It will also provide important support to the Rib Family and the City for a number of future projects including a new building in Old Street which will include a spa and gym.”

The Ribs said they were “very pleased to be able to contribute to the regeneration of the Ribs and their surrounding community.”

They said:”We are extremely proud of the work we have done to redevelop the building and are confident that it will be a positive addition to Old Street.”