It may be a new luxury building on the top of a tower, but the Mandarin palace hotel is the world’s most expensive hotel.

Built in 1854 by the Chinese government to house the newly installed government of the Republic of China (ROC), it’s also the largest hotel in the world, and the largest in Southeast Asia, with more than 5,000 rooms.

The hotel is located in Saigon’s central district of Phu Quoc, and it’s one of many luxury hotels in the country, from the sprawling Jampong Palace to the luxury villa in the heart of the capital, Saigon.

This article is the second of three in a series exploring how much real estate is actually worth.

It examines the value of the Chinese property market and the prices that are being charged for these properties.

This part of the series examines the market for luxury homes, which have become a big part of modern Chinese real estate.

We’ve been covering this story for a while.

But this is an important piece of the story, and we need to know how many rooms are actually being sold for these expensive homes.

To do this, we used data from a real estate website called RealtyTrac, which is a service of Realty Guru, which makes it easy to compare the prices of homes on a variety of real estate websites.

Realty Trac also uses data from the International Monetary Fund, which can provide some information about how much each home in a country has been sold for.

We also used data collected from real estate agents.

All of these data came from, which lets you search for houses in a city by city basis.

But the data wasn’t complete.

It only showed how much a house was being offered for sale, not the exact value of each home, or how much it would cost to buy it.

To get the real value of a property, we had to look at the prices it was offered for in China, where the average house is worth around $1 million.

The house was also worth $1.5 million in Thailand, where most people earn less than $50,000 per year, and around $2 million in the Philippines, where people earn anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 a year.

But those numbers are skewed by the fact that there are a lot of properties that are listed for sale in each country.

In other words, some of these properties are sold at prices that aren’t actually the same as those in China.

We took a look at a list of over 30,000 properties from all of the countries we examined.

We calculated the real values of these real estate sites, using a method called “fair market value.”

We then divided those values by the average price of a house in the property in each of those countries.

That gave us a value of how much money the property would cost in each location, based on the average prices listed for each property.

If you don’t live in a place on this list, it’s worth going to a realtor or searching online to find out the prices.

We found a list for the Chinese city of Guangzhou, which had a market value of just over $5 million, about $10,000 less than what the average home in the city was worth in China as a whole.

The price was even lower for Bangkok, where an average home was worth just over half a million baht.

That meant that an average house in Guangzhou would cost just under $5,000 in Thailand.

If we divided that by the price in each nation, we got the price for each country in the same amount of money.

That’s where we ended up finding a fair market value for each of the properties we looked at.

We then ran these calculations over a range of prices, starting from the lowest to the highest.

This gave us an average price for every property we looked for.

In order to find the fair market values, we took the average of the prices for every home listed on each of these sites and added in the total market value, or the amount that would be paid for the property based on that average.

For example, we found a fair value of $1,000,000 for a property in the Japanese city of Tokyo, where a typical home is worth just under a million yen (about $2,000).

So the value we ended on was $5.6 million.

If the average value of this property were $1m, that would mean the fair value for that property was $6.5.

So this is a very close estimate of the value a house would be worth.

But how does that compare to the real world?

In some countries, the value in real estate doesn’t compare well to the value it is selling for.

There are lots of properties on this website that have no market value in any country, and that’s because there’s