In a smoking palace in Beijing, smoking is allowed but guests are advised to be discreet.

The Royal Palace Hotel, a landmark in the Chinese capital, has become a popular spot for Chinese smokers to meet and smoke with fellow patrons, who are advised not to take up any more tobacco.

Staff at the hotel say that while smoking is not allowed in the lounge, guests can still bring their own cigarettes.

But when I asked staff why the hotel was allowing smoking, they told me it was to attract more smokers and smokers tend to be more polite than non-smokers, according to the ABC’s Ingrid Chen.

A hotel in the city of Hangzhou was also caught up in the smoke issue earlier this year.

When the ABC visited the hotel, it was closed for two weeks due to smoke.

This week, the hotel has been reopened, but staff told the ABC they were unable to give us a date when the hotel would reopen.

In a statement, the Royal Palace said it was working with the authorities to help ensure the health of the guests.

“We have been working with local health authorities to control smoke from the hotel and are in the process of conducting additional inspections to ensure the hotel complies with health standards,” the statement said.

The hotel has also launched a “smokers lounge” with lounges, a lounge, and an outdoor smoking area for smokers.

But while smoking isn’t banned in the hotel’s smoking lounge, staff have told me they do not recommend it for those who don’t want to be seen smoking in public.

The Royal Palace’s smoking room, pictured in May 2017, was also closed after smoke caused a security breach.

In the video below, you can see guests smoking in the smoking lounge at the Royal Palaces Hotel in Beijing.

When I asked the hotel for comment, they said the lounge was “currently closed”.

The Royal palace, which was built in 1926, was built on the site of the ancient Chinese palace in Hangzhou.

Its facade is decorated with a mural of a snake, with the royal seal and a snake carved into the wall.