When you think of the Taj Palace, you probably think of its ornate golden doors, grand arches and ornate marble columns.

But when you think about how much the palace is worth, you might think it’s an absolute bargain.

And for $22.5 million, you can get in for the evening.

The golden palace, which was built in the early 1800s, was the first grand building built in Canada.

When it was built, it was supposed to be the home of the Royal Family, who had a very small population of just 6,000 people.

In the years that followed, it became a tourist attraction for a few decades before it was sold to a group of Chinese investors who had the vision to turn it into a restaurant.

For more than two decades, the palace has hosted a parade of foreign dignitaries and royalty.

Now, the family of the Queen has purchased it for $4.5 billion.

For the most part, the grand arched windows are empty now, but you can still enjoy a great dinner in one of the suites.

This is the Royal Palaces suite with the marble columns in the background.

There are no more decorations.

This suite has been completely renovated and the glass ceiling is open.

There’s a lovely view of the Great Wall of China.

And in the lobby, you have a fabulous view of what the palace used to be like.

It was built by the Royal Navy, and its grandest building in Canada is the Taj Mahal.

It’s located in a city of about 6 million, about a 20-minute drive from Toronto.

Here, you are able to see how it’s been transformed.

We’ve removed a large portion of the original marble columns, which are very ornate and very high-quality.

The original marble is very heavy and heavy, and it weighs about 1,500 kilograms.

The other pieces are made of steel and marble.

And the glass in the ceiling is made of glass.

There is a huge, beautiful, beautiful chandelier, which is part of the interior of the palace, that’s just one of many elements that are in the way of seeing the interior, which we’ve removed.

There was a very large, beautiful marble fireplace, which you can see in the first picture.

The balcony is the same as the one you see in every room, except in the Royal Palace suite.

It has a great view of Mount Everest.

The marble pillars are part of what make the Palace special, and we have taken them down.

And we’ve also removed the golden arches.

But the entire palace, from the grand staircase, the stairs leading up to the throne room, to the ornate arches, all of those are there.

You’re actually able to look down at the Taj, which actually sits directly on top of the Golden Tower of Taj Maha.

There, you see it just from the inside.

In this suite, you’re actually looking up at the Golden Wall of the East.

The Golden Wall is an enormous, beautiful stone wall that was erected to guard against evil spirits, as a sign of respect and unity between the peoples of the world.

The Grand Arches are in a way a tribute to this tradition.

There were four of them in the Taj.

The first one, which I think is the one that has the most gold, is the largest, the one at the end of the stairwell, which connects the suite to the dining room.

It is the most magnificent of all of the arches in the palace.

It spans three stories, which means you can sit down at a table in the middle of it.

And if you look up, it’s very clear.

There used to have a little fountain here, and you can drink it from the fountain.

The fourth arched arch is very similar, but is actually on a lower level.

The entire arched wall of the Palace is actually made of marble.

The Palace’s Grand Hotel is located in the same building.

The grand hotel is the second-tallest hotel in Canada, at 10,934 feet (3,700 metres) above sea level.

It opened in 2001.

The palace was built to be an important symbol of the empire that the British Empire had.

It had a huge population, and this was a time of great excitement for the British Royal Family.

It became the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, who was a member of the House of Windsor.

But she never stayed in the Palace.

And when she did, it wasn’t a nice, luxurious hotel.

It wasn’t as well-equipped, it didn’t have a good view, and there wasn’t much food in the restaurant.

So the Palace, which became a place of international prestige, became the site of some very dark, violent moments.

One of the things that Queen Elizabeth wanted to do, in the 1960s, is have a British presence in the world as a sort