The Queen’s palace, located on Buckingham Palace Road, was a major landmark in the early 19th century, a place of immense wealth and power for both the monarchy and the nation.

It was built on the site of the old palace in 1885, the year before the first queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne.

The Queen’s garden was designed by architect Charles Babbage, who used the same techniques used to design the White House and the Whitehall Palace.

The design for the garden was a collaboration between Babbage and his wife, Lady Margaret Beaufort.

Queen Elizabeth II has visited the gardens on many occasions, including during her coronation in 2017, and she has also spent many hours walking around the gardens.

In her book The Princess and the Princess, the former Queen wrote that the garden is “the most beautiful place in the world” and “the only place on earth that is full of flowers.”

She also said the garden has “a wonderful, deep sense of history” and that it “gives an insight into the lives of ordinary people.”

The garden also hosts the Queen and her family, as well as other royals, and is home to the Queen of England’s official portrait, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.