The two Republican presidential candidates clashed over barbecue at Bobby’s Burger Palace on Monday night, and it appeared to be a direct jab at Cruz.

Trump took issue with Cruz’s use of the word “bubbly,” and Cruz’s suggestion that his “barbecue” is better than Trump’s, saying he’s better than a “chicken chop.”

Cruz, however, said he thinks Trump is “just being sarcastic.”

Cruz took to Twitter Monday to defend himself against Trump’s criticism.

The two men had a heated exchange in the first round of their debate in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Cruz was the first to criticize Trump over his “chaos” speech on the stump.

Cruz, who was also booed, said that he would “absolutely” vote for Trump in November, but added that he wasn’t sure if he would support him as the Republican nominee.

Trump said he was disappointed with Cruz, and called him “silly” in the interview with Politico.

He also criticized Cruz’s response to Cruz’s criticism of his own barbecued beef, telling Politico that Cruz had “got nothing but BS.”

“He didn’t have anything but BS to say about his barbecue,” Trump said.

Cruz responded by saying he was going to grill him, and the two engaged in a shouting match.

Cruz, who is a former New Mexico governor, is seeking the GOP nomination for president.

Trump has long been seen as the front-runner.

The Texas senator has struggled in recent weeks with his poll numbers.

His support is falling, and he is seen as having no chance to win the Republican nomination.