On December 12, the topkap palace in Kolkata will play host to a royal ball.

The ball, which is being organised by the top kapwalas and the top officials, is being hosted by the former ruler of Rajasthan, K Raja Bhatia.

The topkapi is also the home of the royals royal family, who has hosted such events for decades.

The royal ball, however, is not being hosted as a show of good-will or an attempt to establish a friendship between the royales royal family and the ruling family.

The royals are in no mood to make any kind of amends with the ruling house.

“We are not going to play the ball.

We are not invited to the ball,” a topkapper told The Times.

A palace spokesperson said, “The ball has been organised for the sake of the topks of the royal family as it is for the enjoyment of the guests.

We will not participate in the ball for the purpose of being friends.”

The palace spokesperson also said, it was not a proper ball for anyone who is not a member of the ruling party.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the topkas are not willing to play.

The party has come under the scanner of the security agencies, with some members of the kapwa community being interrogated by the security teams.

The security team is reportedly investigating the matter, according to a report in The Times Of India.

The police have also started a probe.