Chinese restaurant restaurant dim sum is coming to China!

The Beijing Palace is coming!

The Palace is the home of dim sum, the country’s signature dish.

And it’s coming to the Big Apple.

The Beijing Eatery will open its first location at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Thursday, March 10.

Here’s everything you need to know about the dim sum restaurant.

The Beijing Eateries first location will be at the Shanghai International Hotel and Suites at 10 a.m.

(PT) and will serve a menu of dishes including chicken dim sum (細谷混), shrimp dim sum dumplings (黑茶落) and rice dim sum.

The Shanghai International has more than 200 restaurants and more than 4,000 restaurants around the world.

Chinese restaurants like The Beijing Garden and The Beijing Hotel are also offering dim sum dishes.

A dim sum menu has been in the works for a while, according to the Beijing Times.

The restaurant will offer dim sum with “salty and spicy flavors” as well as “fruits, vegetables and meats.”

The Shanghai Palace is not the only restaurant in China that will offer Chinese dim sum in the near future.

The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. has also announced that it is working with the Beijing Hotel to offer dimsum at the hotel.

It’s a bit like what the Chinese Embassy did with a restaurant in New York City.

The Palace is a relatively new Chinese restaurant chain, with only four locations opening in Beijing.

The latest restaurant in the Beijing palace is the Shanghai Oriental Hotel and the Mandarin International Hotel, which will open next year.

For now, it’s not clear how much the Beijing Eaterie will charge for dim sum and how much of the Beijing Capital’s dining experience will be dim sum-inspired.

The Mandarin Oriental is also a popular spot for upscale Chinese food.