What is the new name for Japan’s largest national park?

A new name has been added to Japan’s biggest national park.The new name is “Elysee Palace” in honor of Emperor Akihito.Elyse Palace is the Japanese capital’s largest park and home to the Emperor Akihs.The name of the new park, “Elyssee Palace, is a tribute to the emperor, the great empress of Japan, who has long […]

When will you find out?

When you are searching for your next meal, you are likely to be tempted to go for a traditional dinner or a quick bite to eat at a restaurant.But while those options may have more options, they are often much more expensive.There are several restaurants, bars and eateries in India that offer traditional meals that […]

When a prince and a princess are playing in the palace

On December 12, the topkap palace in Kolkata will play host to a royal ball.The ball, which is being organised by the top kapwalas and the top officials, is being hosted by the former ruler of Rajasthan, K Raja Bhatia.The topkapi is also the home of the royals royal family, who has hosted such events […]

How to access your favourite games in Toho’s new digital space

I am sitting on a couch, my feet on the floor and my eyes closed.It’s the middle of the night, and I’ve just returned from a long day of shopping with friends.I’ve been on the lookout for a decent pair of pants, and have been searching the internet for some.I have been waiting for someone […]

How to protect yourself from the royal elite palace guards

The emirates royal elite is a sprawling palace located in Dubai, where emirate officials, diplomats, and business executives live and work.A lot of people who live in the palace are royals.The palace has a high security level.But it is also, in many ways, the center of a complex web of interests that have taken the […]

US to pay $1.3bn to settle federal claims against Chinese company over pollution

The US has paid a $1bn fine to settle claims that the Chinese company that owns Australia’s largest coal mine failed to perform a basic safety assessment of the project and ignored the risks of the operation.The agreement is the largest ever by the US in connection with its overseas coal project, which has become […]

Bollywood stars react to ‘bombay palace’ controversy

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in hot water over a controversy over his home in Bombay Palace.The actor has been accused of violating the Indian Housing Act by renting a house in the exclusive Bollywood enclave known as Bombay Palace for a fee of over $3 million.According to the Bombay News, Khan’s representatives said […]

China’s top diplomat in the U.S. says she won’t leave amid impeachment

China’s highest diplomat in Washington said Thursday she will stay on as part of the Trump administration despite an impeachment investigation.Yongwen Wu, who served as ambassador to the U and deputy national security adviser under former President Barack Obama, was named as a special envoy to the United Nations and the European Union.“I will remain […]

When Disney and Universal merge: A quick primer

A lot of the same questions have been asked about Disney’s new venture with Universal Studios.We’ve seen this before, when Disney bought out Marvel Studios and Universal was looking to make a profit.But in the years since, we’ve seen many other companies like Paramount and Warner Bros. merge, and many more studios enter the fray.Now, […]

When you buy Greek Palace Tea, It’s the Perfect Way to Prepare It

Greek Palace is the most famous tea house in Athens, and its teas have become a favorite among tourists, who travel to the city to get a taste of the Greek royal family’s cooking.But the company is also one of the world’s largest tea producers, producing more than $2 billion in annual sales and making […]

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