Hong Kong has a chicken palace for everyone

Hong Kong’s Chicken Palace has become a global destination for expats, with the city’s top restaurant chain serving up an array of delicious chicken dishes.A trip to the city for dinner, which typically starts at 9:30 p.m., can cost up to HK$5,000.While some popular dishes have a low price tag, the most expensive dish is […]

Which New Albums Will Come Out Next?

The next big thing in music is coming.That’s a bold prediction given the massive success of Beyonce, Rihanna, Chance the Rapper, Drake and Lady Gaga.But we can expect some more big names to jump on the bandwagon.The year’s big winners are: The Pink Palace Museum, which is slated to open this summer.The museum’s plans for […]

How to create a memory palace from scratch

It was just two weeks ago that I was standing on the balcony of my apartment in a city in China’s far western province of Zhejiang, trying to find my way to a hotel where I could relax and recharge.I had just returned from the world of memory games.The memories are everywhere.I can go back […]

Why we love Polygon’s annual Polygon Travel Guide

We’ve all been there.You’ve been to an international airport or a big city and been able to get an amazing view of everything.But you’ve had to go back to the hotel and pick up your own hotel room.What if there was a better way?That’s what we’ve come up with, and we’ve compiled the best hotel […]

Which of the above will make you more of a hero in the coming days?

We’ve been working on this article for months now, and we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed that it will be released soon.But with our current state of technology, there’s no guarantee it’ll be done in time for the holidays, so let’s take a look at what we think we know about what it might look […]

How to get your knossolos palace to pay for your house

How to pay off your house and keep it in your knoll?That’s the question many people have been asking.And we thought we’d put together some of the simplest ways to pay the bills, and also put together a quick video that shows how to do it.If you’re just getting started, here’s how you can pay […]

Aeon Palace Pizza Lakeland’s new name is a homage to Empress Alexandra Palace

Aeon Pizza Lakelands newest eatery is officially calling itself Empress Alexandra Pizza Lake Land.The first place to order from the newly named restaurant is on the same floor of the Palace Pizza’s old pizza restaurant as it is now.Empress Alexandra is a Chinese-born woman who became Empress of the Philippines in December 2017.Aeon’s name is […]

How to get a free, ultra-low-cost, and super-fast spa in Tokyo (but with a lot of risk)

The best of the best at Tokyo Hotels and Resorts is an incredibly low-cost way to experience the city.While the cost of accommodation is usually quite reasonable (around 100-150 yen per night for a standard room, and about $60-$70 for a double room) and there are plenty of other options available, this is the best […]

The Buckingham Palace intruder

The Buckingham palace intruder has been identified as a man who walked into the royal residence, but is still at large.The Royal Palace, a complex of buildings in the West End, is the palace of the Crown.The intruder is thought to have entered through the back door, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace.“We are […]

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