HTC Vive virtual reality headset reveals a whole new world of content

A virtual reality video game has been released for HTC Vive, and it’s full of nostalgia and a whole lot of nostalgia.Puppy Palace is a game that’s a bit like a little-known version of Candy Crush Saga, but with more gameplay and a much greater focus on collecting puppies and other animals.Petzkin Palace is set […]

How to navigate the palace of Westminster

As the palace, known as the Cancun Palace, was once known, it is now the most expensive in the world.But how to navigate it and what to expect on your journey?The palace has been refurbished and reopened in recent years.The palace itself has also been renovated.Here are some of the highlights of the renovated palace: […]

Which player will the best be the next Juventus player?

There is no doubt that this is one of the most difficult positions to fill at Juventus.For one, Juventus are not just playing in the Champions League, they are also competing in the Serie A, the Champions Cup and the Super Cup.The first place in both those competitions is an absolute certainty, so this is […]

How to get in the best seats at Louisville Palace

For most people, a visit to Louisville’s Louisville Palace will include a stop at the grandstands, the grand opera house, or the restaurants at the hotel bar.But for some, it will also include a trip to a different, more intimate spot, such as the historic Bluegrass Room.Located on the third floor of the palace, the […]

What we know about the next generation of Chinese tech and the next wave of the Chinese tea revolution

The next wave in the Chinese tech revolution will bring new forms of computing, and it’s set to be even bigger than the one that ushered in the new millennium.There’s no question that China has made a lot of progress in computing, from artificial intelligence to robotics, and the tech world has been buzzing about […]

How to Make A Dumpling Palace in Kensington Palace – Episode 6 – Part 2

The King’s Palace in London’s Kensington Gardens is known as the Dumplings Palace.It was built in 1839, by the then-King William III, as the residence of the Dukes of Richmond, George IV and Henry VIII.The palace was a very popular attraction in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.The Duke of Richmond was also the […]

How to be a meme’s palace guest at the Mingle Party in the Philippines

In a country where a million-dollar mingle party can set you back up to a few thousand pesos, it’s always nice to have someplace to chill.That’s exactly what the Palace of the Ming, in the southern city of Leyte, has for you when you’re craving something fancy for your party.In fact, if you want to […]

Why do some people wear sunglasses?

A new survey reveals that there are some people who prefer to wear sunglasses over glasses for their eyes.The survey, conducted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund and published in the April issue of the journal Public Perception, found that 47 percent of Americans are in favor of wearing sunglasses in public and […]

How to get the best of both worlds with an all-inclusive dinner

It has been a long time coming, but the idea of dining at the Palace Pizza Lakeland is now in the bag.With a new restaurant opening, the Palace is the perfect venue for a party or a family gathering, and the best part is that it’s all free.The Palace is a former gold mine of […]

What you need to know about the Grand Palace in Biloxi

Biloxian grandeur has long been an international attraction.Its most famous visitor is the British Queen Elizabeth II, who has visited the site seven times in the past two years.The Grand Palace has also become a symbol of the grandeur of its owner, the Sultan of Oman.But the Grand Palaces Royal Palace in Dubai is the […]

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