How to get your favorite celebrities to see your best shows

It is the year 2000.There is a new television network, a new movie coming out, and a new TV show about cats.That is all happening in a city in British Columbia.It is a beautiful day, sunny and warm, when the first rays of dawn are breaking through the red clay of the Columbia River.It is […]

Afrikaans Palace, Knossos Palace will be on sale this weekend

Africa’s largest and most prestigious royal palace is about to be sold.Afrikaans palace will be sold to Knossom Palace, an African state-owned company, which will take over the former palace, which was built in the 1920s.The palace will have about 3 million square feet of space, the majority of which is dedicated to a 10-storey […]

How to dress for a wedding reception

When it comes to wedding reception attire, there’s nothing quite like the classic suit and tie.But a lot of wedding dresses and gowns are also designed with style in mind.Here are some tips for making your wedding dress look professional.Dress Size and Fit You’ll want to fit the gown to your body, but don’t try […]

How ‘The Emperor’s Palace’ is turning the face of London into a tourist attraction

Londoners who travel to the city’s Royal Parks often find themselves gazing up at the Empire State Building, but not everyone enjoys the view.In a new exhibit called The Emperor’s Palaces, Londoners can visit one of the largest and most iconic buildings in the world, a stunning building whose architectural style is now being celebrated […]

How to make your own replica of the famous Roman Coliseum

It’s a big step to making your own, but it’s actually surprisingly simple.There are loads of tips on how to do it.First of all, you need to have a good idea of what you want to recreate.This means looking at pictures of the Coliseum and building a replica of it, and then deciding on the […]

How the Red Palace got its name from the royal palace in the Red Sea

A Red Palace is a palace in Saudi Arabia, located near the Arabian Peninsula city of Jeddah, and is one of the country’s most famous historical sites.The royal palace is also the world’s oldest building.But now, the Red House in Jedda is being replaced by a giant, white building.And it’s not just because of climate […]

How to spot the pho palace intruder

Pataudi Palace in Bangkok is no stranger to intruders.But last year, it was attacked by a pho poo thief.Now, police say, a third thief has entered the palace and is trying to break into its secret garden.Pho pooing is a widespread phenomenon, but in Bangkok it has become particularly serious, with at least four people […]

What is the Chinese Ministry of Culture looking for?

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed an expert to review the state of the country’s cultural institutions.He has also appointed the head of the Chinese Cultural Association as an adviser on cultural affairs.China has a long history of censorship, and Beijing has repeatedly denied allegations of interference in the countrys affairs.But in recent years, Beijing […]

Royals face a difficult test at Pakistan on Friday

The royals of Pakistan will face an uphill task in their bid to get home after Pakistan batted India out in the Champions Trophy final.Royals opener Imran Khan has been ruled out for the tournament after a series of scans.Pakistan have lost three consecutive series and will be looking to avenge their defeat to India […]

The Crystal Palace: ‘We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do’

Crystal Palace have spent months in a state of limbo after the US Department of Justice (DoJ) revoked their US$25m contract to run the former home of AC/DC’s legendary frontman, Jimmy Page.“They had no right to do that,” said the Crystal Palace’s lead singer Jimmy Page in an interview with Rolling Stone.“They had a right […]

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