How to protect yourself from the royal elite palace guards

The emirates royal elite is a sprawling palace located in Dubai, where emirate officials, diplomats, and business executives live and work.A lot of people who live in the palace are royals.The palace has a high security level.But it is also, in many ways, the center of a complex web of interests that have taken the […]

How the royal elite’s palace in China’s capital is being turned into a smoking lounge

In a smoking palace in Beijing, smoking is allowed but guests are advised to be discreet.The Royal Palace Hotel, a landmark in the Chinese capital, has become a popular spot for Chinese smokers to meet and smoke with fellow patrons, who are advised not to take up any more tobacco.Staff at the hotel say that […]

Prince Andrew has been killed in the US military strike on Syria

Royalty in the Royal family of Australia has reportedly been killed when US forces carried out an airstrike on the home of Prince Andrew, who was the highest-ranking Australian to be killed in a military strike in Syria.The Guardian has reported that a US Navy destroyer, the USS Ross, was hit on Thursday evening.A US […]

How to be a royal elite with a royal baby

A royal elite can be a very, very royal family.But royal families are a different story.Here’s how a royal family works.You are a royal, or royal family member.The family consists of the royal parents, the heir apparent, the crown prince, and the first lady.When it comes to the succession of the throne, the first ladies […]

What is the royal family and its wealth?

Royal elite palace in south-eastern Singapore has been in a state of disrepair since the end of the 1960s, and the Royal Family and its descendants have not been very well off.But the property’s status as a royal property, which the royal house is not obliged to maintain, has helped the property attract a range […]

Royals face a difficult test at Pakistan on Friday

The royals of Pakistan will face an uphill task in their bid to get home after Pakistan batted India out in the Champions Trophy final.Royals opener Imran Khan has been ruled out for the tournament after a series of scans.Pakistan have lost three consecutive series and will be looking to avenge their defeat to India […]

What is the palace of neighbouring islands?

The Royal Palace of Mt.Colima is home to many fascinating features.But the main attraction of the island is the Colima Castle, which was built by Emperor Philip IV in the early 18th century.In the 18th and 19th centuries, the castle was used as the home of the royal family.It was used by Queen Alexandra of […]

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