How to watch the royal family’s tour of the Buckingham Palace in 2018

The tour of Buckingham Palace will take place over three days starting Thursday and running through April 12.The royal family is spending the next four days in the Palace of Westminster in central London.They will also have lunch at Buckingham Palace and the White House, and then go on a visit to Buckingham Palace itself.There […]

When you visit the Pena Palace Hotel, there are so many things to do

The Pena palace hotel in Guatemala City is home to the Penacamaya Palace, a modern, art-filled complex that is part of the Penas Palace Hotel.The palace itself is an incredible place with the original palace gardens still in use, a huge indoor swimming pool, a large and magnificent indoor theatre, and the Penajas Palace Theatre, […]

How to create a memory palace from scratch

It was just two weeks ago that I was standing on the balcony of my apartment in a city in China’s far western province of Zhejiang, trying to find my way to a hotel where I could relax and recharge.I had just returned from the world of memory games.The memories are everywhere.I can go back […]

Korea: Police investigating murder of Korean diplomat

Police have been investigating the death of a Korean diplomat in Singapore who was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.The State Prosecutor’s Office said the death happened on Monday at a residence in the western suburbs of Singapore after police received reports of a shooting at the residence.A spokeswoman said the victim, who […]

What we know about the next generation of Chinese tech and the next wave of the Chinese tea revolution

The next wave in the Chinese tech revolution will bring new forms of computing, and it’s set to be even bigger than the one that ushered in the new millennium.There’s no question that China has made a lot of progress in computing, from artificial intelligence to robotics, and the tech world has been buzzing about […]

What is the Chinese Ministry of Culture looking for?

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed an expert to review the state of the country’s cultural institutions.He has also appointed the head of the Chinese Cultural Association as an adviser on cultural affairs.China has a long history of censorship, and Beijing has repeatedly denied allegations of interference in the countrys affairs.But in recent years, Beijing […]

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